Product Review: Marc Jacobs Glow Stick


Marc Jacobs has been one of my favorite designers since I first became obsessed with fashion.  I still remember walking into the White House on the first day of my internship sporting my Marc by Marc Jacobs briefcase.  Marc knows how to put a little “umph” in his designs, which I love.

When he expanded into the beauty sphere, I was really curious to see what products he would develop, especially given his personal style.  I was thrilled when Influenster selected me to sample the new Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator for FREE!

Whether you are going out for a little night time fun, or you’re headed out to Starbucks for your morning coffee fix, the Glow Stick can give you that refreshed, relaxed look.  I am not a big fan of body glitter and other illuminating lotions.  They tend to be a little tacky, sticky, and/or heavy.  I also prefer more subtle products for every day use as a matter of principle.  Adding a subtle glow can be great in masking the fatigue you’re feeling at work just like a shot of espresso.

The Glow Stick is super easy to apply.  If you have ever worn deodorant (which I hope we all have:) ), you know how to apply the Glow Stick with ease.  It is also small enough to hide in your makeup bag, which is great for touch ups.


Overall, I give this product an A-.  The Glow Stick can be purchased at major retailers like Sephora for $42.  The price point is the only reason for the minus score, as I do find it to be rather high.  However, I really do love it because it gives you the perfect amount of shine and can be applied in a matter of seconds.


When it comes to application, you can apply the Glow Stick directly to your face  or body and blend with either your finger or a brush.  I have actually been using it in place of bronzer lately, but I have also applied it on my shoulders, especially with off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. As you can see in my before and after pics, you can hardly tell I have the product on.  If you want to add more shine, you can always add a bit more product.  I applied the Glow Stick before attending an outdoor wedding, and I used it more as a subtle highlighter that massed my melting from the summer heat.

If you have tried the Glow Stick, I would love to know your thoughts!







Rock the Runway 2016

Happy Friday!  For those of you suffering through this ridiculous heat, I hope you are staying cool.

I am already dreaming of wearing boots and leggings, and July has only just begun.  With the heat and humidity in full swing, I have become truly fond of the braid.  As I definitely wasn’t the girl that braided my barbie’s hair as a child, I am virtually useless when it comes to braiding. I owe a great deal of gratitude to my dear friend Milly who helped style my hair for a fun filled fashion show.


For those of you have a lot of hair, I high recommending exploring ways to style your hair to keep it off your face.  The rest of your body will thank you in this heat!

My runway look comes thanks to the lovely Marc by Marc Jacobs.  Shoulders are “in” this season, so I went for a variation on the look. Giving a little cold shoulder not only keeps you a bit cooler but it also a pretty flattering area to highlight.  A good find can be worn for years to come….I bought this little piece in 2009 when I was a first year law student.  Thank God it still fits!:)

The Rundown

Dress: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Clutch: Gucci

Earrings: Alexis Bittar

Regardless what you wear to a fashion show, nothing is better than surrounding yourself with amazing friends.

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!

xoxo Mira






Talk to the Hamsa

Talk to the Hamsa (خمسة‎‎)

Take one look at my logo, and you can easily see that I’m all about the hamsa, also known by some as the Hand of Fatima.

Many people have asked me what the hamsa really means.  Some have seen the hamsa plastered on yoga apparel and products.  Others have seen ceramic hamsas hanging from the wall. The hamsa is shown as a right, open hand and is viewed by many as a protection against the evil eye.  This is similar to the Western expression (and act) of knocking on wood.  Literally translated, hamsa in Arabic means five, or the five fingers of the hand.

While the hamsa is most prominent in the Middle East and North Africa, it has made its way to the West and can be found on the runway; a pleasant surprise, I must say.

Today’s look is all about the hamsa, and believe it or not, my dress is actually from BCBG!


Click here to shop the look!  The dress is actually on sale for $59.40 from $138!!  Even my shoes are on sale at Zara.  The platforms picture are sold out online, but the flat version is still available here! My purse is from Fendi’s Dotcom collection.  I love mixing prints, and combining the flower appliqués with the hamsa adds a little pop.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!