An Eye for Fashion

Coming from a Middle Eastern background, it probably comes to no surprise that I am obsessed with evil eyes.  Since I can remember, I have always had at least one on me at all times, whether in the form of studs or a necklace.  As a nerdy, awkward kid, my classmates always found my eye obsession to be odd at best.  Ten years later, Madonna and even Meryl Streep catch on, and suddenly my obsession is on trend.I always used to get so excited to go to Lebanon for the summer.  To see my family? Meh…not really.  It was an opportunity to snag the latest and greatest in evil eye jewelry trends since there was not a whole lot to choose from in Houston, Texas.  With celebrities now eyeing the trend (pun #1), evil eyes have entered the fashion realm in full force.

Ever wonder what the evil eye was all about? While the story varies slightly from culture-to-culture, the evil eye is essentially a look made by someone harboring ill-will, jealousy, or an overall negative feeling towards another person.  In ancient Greece and Rome, the evil eye was thought to be given to someone who received too much praise.  Like the Catholics who believe that jealousy is one of the seven deadly sins (yes that’s where the expression “if looks could kill” came from), Hindus believe in the power of destruction jealousy can bring.  Even Mohammad instructed his followers to bathe in order to ward off the negativity and danger an evil eye may bring.

I still remember my mom telling me after I broke an eye bracelet that this was someone’s ill will towards me being shattered.  While I rolled my eyes at the suggestion (pun #2), I still manage to wear them at all times.  In fact, as I write this, I have counted six in my jewelry alone.  Oh and then there’s the evil eye tree in my office.


Eager to sport the look?  Here are some great finds.

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