Layer Cake

The layered or tiered look popped up in stores everywhere this year, and I am happy to report that it is here to stay…at least for the rest of the year.  Theory kicked off the spring with some amazing tiered tops and dresses, and many fashion houses have followed suit.When a random Starbucks goer creepishly (yes that is now officially a word) looked over to see what I was working on, I immediately received a weird look.  In my head I was thinking “how rude” Michelle Tanner style, but then she asked a fashion question.  “Won’t layers just make you look bigger?”   The layered looks I am highlighting today do just the reverse. Layered looks can actually be quite slimming when styled properly.  Layering is only unflattering if: (a) the fit is off (typically when the size purchased is too big), (b) the layers are too choppy, and (c) the patterns are too big.

It is super important to consider the length and quantity of layered tiers.  Looks that appear to have layer over layer are typically ones to avoid if you have any hips at all.  The longer the layers, the more flattering the look!  This is also something to keep in mind if you are bit on the shorter side.  Having a bunch of choppy latters may make you look even shorter.

While today I’m sharing some of my favorite layered dresses, if you do decide to sport a layered top, keep it simple on the bottom!  Avoid pairing the top with heavily pleated skirts.  Instead keep the lines of your skirt or pants simple and sleek.

If you are looking to layer it up for work, it is especially important to find pieces that have longer and fewer layers.  I would also stick to solid and/or simple colors.  If you are looking to have a bit more fun, go for a bold print.  This can take you from day-to-night transitioning from flats to a solid pair of heels.


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