Leopard Love

There are certain trends a girl can always count on this time of year.  One of my favorite looks is of course leopard.  The leopard symbol has been plastered on shirts, dresses, and pretty much everything imaginable for decades.    I typically associate the print with boldness, which got me wondering what leopard has meant to others.

In the Bible, the leopard is used symbolically to represent cunning and swiftness.  In Dante’s Inferno, the leopard along with the lion and she-wolf are depicted in Dante’s journey to reach the sunlight.  It has been said that these animals are symbolic for different types of sin, and the leopard is portrayed to represent fraudulence.  According to spirit-animals.com, if you spot a leopard in your dreams, this is a sign that you will conquer struggles through perseverance.  I like the idea of that way more than the fraudulence part. 😉

Leopards are known for their strength, beauty, and confidence, and so it only makes sense that this is a winning look for women.  Now, most people hesitate slightly with the pattern for fear of appearing tacky or just “too much”.  While leopard definitely adds a pop to whatever you are wearing, if coordinated properly, the look can be sported from day to night and from work to a weekend away.



Alexander Terekhov ($2, 838)


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