Sizzling Sixties

As I scroll through pictures of Audrey Hepburn in the classic LBD, I found myself off on a sixties tangent admiring the fun flare worn by the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Lauren.  Fashion trends come and go, and I am super excited to see the sizzling sixties back in fashion for Fall 2014.If you flip through the pages of magazines from the 50’s, 60’s, and so on, you are not just witnessing the evolving nature of fashion.  Because fashion is a means of self-expression, it is heavily influenced by the social and even political attitudes of society at the time.  In the 1960’s, baby boomers were growing up, and suddenly their children were itching to deviate from the more conservative and simple ways of their parents.  The result?  Crazy patterns, mini skirts and dresses, and platform shoes.  The United States is currently going through a similar movement (albeit on a smaller scale), which is why the resurgence of the babydoll dress, mini shift dress, and retro patterns and designs comes to no surprise.

Some of you may be dreading the shorter and/or bolder look, but let me reassure you that any woman can wear these trends with slight modifications.

Does every skirt or dress appear too short on you?  I’m 5’8, and more often than not, I find myself wondering why the designer could not just add two or three more inches to the fabric.  Does the extra fabric cost a lot more?!?  Well, as this trend is emerging during the Fall and Winter months, one option is to pair a babydoll dress with some leggings and a great pair of knee high boots.  Problem fixed!

Are some of the patterns inspired by the sixties a bit too much for you?  As a Houston native, I must admit that big bright flowers may not fly on my daily pilgrimage to Starbucks.  My rule of thumb is if you like a trend but are not quite ready to fully commit, try a small splash.  Instead of sporting a flower power retro style dress, try pairing a more simple style like the ASTR Bell Sleeve Shift Dress pictured below and pair it with some funky flats or a bold belt.

Here are some of my favorite sixties inspired dresses and jackets. Enjoy!



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