Winning Workout Wardrobe


Today marks Admirably Legal’s 15th day birthday.  While celebrating this baby milestone may sound silly, I am super thankful to receive emails and well wishes from so many people in such a short period of time.  To celebrate, I would like to share my first fashion tip request.With the holidays fast approaching (yes they will be here before we know it), the time to start a workout regimen to account for the future thousands upon thousands of calories we will consume was yesterday.  I kid…but not really.

As a result, one wise reader reached out to me seeking advice on fun workout clothes.  She is just starting a workout schedule, and what better way to get motivated than to go shopping!  Studies have shown that dressing in proper attire for a workout or a final exam can actually help increase performance levels.  So yes, you are welcome for the spending justification.  The math is quite simple.  If you look and feel good, it shows.  Having great scenery also helps;)…




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