Pretty in Pastel

As you read the title of today’s post, you may be wondering who on this planet would be wearing pastels in November.  Pastel colors are frequently associated with springtime and the Easter holiday, but believe it or not, pastels are a great way to soften up your fall and winter looks.

It is often said that people are most depressed during the months of December and January.  There are several explanations for this.  One major reason for the onset of depression is the guilt that comes along with the mindless eating of holiday sweets and delights.  I am very guilty of this practice, and I openly admit it.

Another reason (which makes perfect sense) is the absence of the sun coupled with the overall harsh weather.  As the days appear gloomy and dark, rocking the pastel look can be a great way to add a little light to your day.  Pastel colors are even used in certain clinics because these colors tend to soothe and calm the soul.  Pastel pinks are said to represent love, tenderness, and calm.  Lavender represents elegance and grace.  My conclusion is simple.  Wear a splash of softness, and you may just smile a bit brighter.  Others may too…

This season, designers have incorporated softer tones into their looks.  Even designers like Alexander Wang, who is known for using bold and edgy colors, has gone soft for winter.  Try pairing a rose coat like the one pictured from Zara with slate leggings and booties for a comfy all-day look.  For a great way to soften up a night out, pair a pastel dress like the H&M Sleeveless Dress with black tights and heels.  The options are endless, and the look can be easily transitioned from day to night.

After working the pastel into a dark day, if you do not feel just a tad better, let me know!

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