Last Minute New Year’s Eve Looks

Haven’t found your outfit for New Year’s Eve? Not to worry! Today I’ve put together entire outfits that are both affordable and easily reusable.

Most of us do not have the fortune of having an unlimited shopping budget. If you do, let’s be best friends.;) For those of you planners out there, you probably embrace the idea of having certain items ready to go in your closet. While I am not the most Type A person alive, I definitely believe in planning ahead for predictable events such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. Accordingly, I have certain pieces in my wardrobe that I know I will turn to ever year. These include:

  • Little Red Dress
  • Black Leather Dress
  • Black Pumps
  • Black Satin Clutch
  • Silver Sparkle Pumps
  • Black Evening Coat
  • Black Sheer Evening Shawl
  • Diamond Studs
  • Gold Crossbody Bag
  • Over the Knee Black Wedge Boots
  • Silver Chandelier Earrings

When in doubt, I know there are certain pieces I can always rely on, especially in a pinch. While many people criticize Kate Middleton for being too predictable, one thing I do appreciate is the fact that she recycles her favorite pieces each year despite having unlimited funds.

With New Year’s Eve parties, a black or jewel tone dresses are always a safe bet, and they can always be worn to various cocktail or holiday parties. Pair your favorite dress with black pumps, and you have a fabulous outfit to ring in the new year.

Oh and don’t forget your 2015 glasses!!

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