Double Zip Delights

This past week, I made several trips to the Tory Burch Outlet in Sawgrass Mills. Each time I visited the store, there was a line reminiscent of rush hour at Starbucks. Yes, I even measure time in Starbucks units. The item du jour was of course the Robinson Double Zip Tote. Named after Tory’s parents, the Robinson Double Zip is one of her most popular and beloved bags. The style is inspired by the classic look made popular by Prada. While both designers make a stunning product using the same Saffiano leather, the Robinson Double Zip is a fraction of the price of the Prada Saffiano Double-Zip Executive Tote Bag. I am fortunate to have both pieces, and trust me when I say you cannot go wrong with either bag.

Double Zip Saffiano Bags

The look has been re-created by countless designers from Miu Miu to Mulberry and serves as the perfect bag for work, travel, and play. As I am completely obsessed with the look, I wanted to share some of my favorite double zip bags.


4 thoughts on “Double Zip Delights

  1. TheDailyScrap says:

    Almost bought a Ralph Lauren navy bag today, but it did not zip the entire purse closed; I prefer my personal items to be as safe as possible. JCrew has been my go to this past year. Love your blog~


  2. williambean2014 says:

    Well, back again. I saw the post title and thought I might have a look, didn’t know it would be about handbags. Funny thing, back a few years when I was visiting Cork I was in one of the big box department stores killing time and noticing the differences in styles. Not quite Europe but far from American. I saw some messenger bags in the men’s department and after considerable thought, I bought one. Ever since I have emptied out my pockets I haven’t had the low back problems that come from sitting on wallets and such. That reminds me, mine is wearing out, will be time for a new one soon. Any ideas where to find a new one in the states?

    I must admit, those bags look very nice. You know, here in Texas I may get the occasional funny look from men but they don’t push it. I could have a CDL and a handgun in my bag. No way of knowing in advance. Of course in Europe, about a third of the men I observe carry masculine style bags such as mine.

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    • admirablylegal says:

      I have lived in the UK, UAE, and Switzerland, and comparing these countries with the US, I will say American men can be paranoid about appearing feminine. Messenger bags are great for men, particularly in cities that require lengthier commutes or increased walking.

      I live in Houston, and I have noticed a lot more co-workers sporting the messenger bag. Given that I work in the oil and gas industry, that says something. If you are in the market for one, I highly recommend Nordstrom or Macys. Chances are this is not something you want to shell out too much for (as opposed to a brief case). Side note. If you’re near a Coach outlet, you could also head there. I just bought a tan leather briefcase for $159 from $900. Just saying…I’m all about discounts.


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