Down to Earth Tones

Waking up to a sunny, cool, and crisp morning inspired me to sport some earth tones to work today.  The doorman in my office building has made a routine of giving my outfits a theme in three words or less.  Today I was dubbed forest friendly.  Sounds kind of cute, right?

I love incorporating earth tones into my winter wardrobe as they give an elegant, classic, and simple look.  Another great thing about earth tones is they flatter virtually any skin tone. You may be wondering what colors are classified as earth tones.  Typically the color palette is filled with browns, tans, greens, and reds.  If you are ever unable to fall asleep, I highly recommend researching color symbolism.  I did so and learned that brown colors symbolize simplicity, stability, and practicality.  Brown tones are also said to give off a calming aura.  Lesson?  For those of you in the middle of a busy work season, try incorporating brown tones into your work wear.  Perhaps you will succeed in soothing those around you.

Colors like forest green, camel, brown, and marsala (Pantone’s color of 2015) look chic when paired together.  However, they can also be used to pop a monochrome look.  For example, try pairing a black tunic, black leggings with tan over the knee boots, and you have a bold yet simple look that can be sported from day to night.

I have put together some simple and chic earth tone inspired looks for you to enjoy.  Rocking the down to earth look today?  If so, please share!

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