Painting the Town Red

Christmas may have come and gone, but today I’ve decided to be in the red.  Red invokes various images in the mind.  Some may first envision blood, while others (typically ladies) may take their minds straight to their favorite lipstick.  Regardless of what first comes to mind, there is no doubt that red is the perfect color for those seeking to stand out.

According to David Zyla, author of The Color of Style, “red has connotations of sexuality, vivaciousness, and someone in charge.”  Research has even shown that wearing red can make you appear more attractive.  For those of you, myself included, who are looking to boost self-confidence, wearing red can assist in giving you that extra boost.  Sold on red yet?

During the colder months, I love sporting a long red coat with black leggings and boots.  I tend to be in favor of the coat dress, as it is both comfortable and convenience for those infamous “fat days”.  My love for coat dresses may be one of the few things Kate Middleton and I have in common.  The Eliza J Wool Blended Babydoll Coat is a must have.  The bow detailing in the back of the coat is fantastic, and the fit is really flattering for any body type.  Another great way to liven up your look is to pop your outfit with red shoes.  As I tend to unconsciously default to black-based clothing during this time of year, rocking my red Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats with a black dress and leggings is one of my go to looks.  If you are looking for a more subtle way to embrace red, start out with something as simple as some Kendra Scott earrings, and you will soon be hooked.

Looking to join me in painting the town red?  Check out some of my favorite finds, which can all be purchased at Nordstrom.

Cape: Kate Spade; iPhone 5s Case: Moschino; Purse: Marc Jacobs; Wallet: Salvatore Ferragamo

Cape: Kate Spade; iPhone 5s Case: Moschino; Purse: Marc Jacobs; Wallet: Salvatore Ferragamo

Painting the Town Red

Valentino Rockstud Medium Grained Tote Bag, Red
Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin Nail Colour
Salvatore Ferragamo Pimpa Patent Vara Bow Pump, Rosso
MAC Red, Red, Red Lipstick
Hunter Original High Gloss Boot
Moon and Lola Chelsea Small Personalized Monogram Stud Earrings
Kendra Scott Danielle Large Oval Statement Earrings, Maroon Jade
Jawbone UP24 Fitness Wristband, Red
Saint Laurent Cassandre Leather Clutch, Lipstick Red
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag
Speck SeeThru-Satin Snap On MacBook Pro Laptop Case, Satin Pomodoro
Topshop Spike Flower Necklace, Red
Moschino Bandana Print Canvas Backpack
Eliza J Wool Blended Babydoll Coat
Barbuzzo Heart Handle Mug

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