Designer Showcase: Valentino Garavani

As I cautiously maneuvered my way around the Galleria, I could not help but stop at the sight of Valentino’s window display.  Following the two terrible terrorist tragedies in Paris last week, the word “peace” displaced in numerous languages best summarizes our current global need.  I applaud Valentino for this touching tribute, which had me reflecting on the life of an amazing designer.


Like me, Valentino Clemente Ludovico Garavani was born on May 11 in Italy.  We are just a few years apart, as he will be turning 83, and I will be turning 28. Details…details.  Like most of the world’s fashion legends, Valentino moved to Paris to hone in on his fashion making skills.  Before becoming the icon he is today,  Valentino actually served as an apprentice with Jacques Fath, who we now know as Balenciaga.  Valentino truly made his mark when he debuted his first show at the Pitti Palace in 1962.  His works became an international sensation and have continued to be legendary.  While Christian Louboutin may be known for his red sole, Valentino red dresses are priceless.  While Valentino put on his last show back in 2008, the line has continued to grow and take on new angles.

Currently, Valentino’s rockstud look has taken over the fashion scene.  From bags to shoes to gowns, the rock stud has packed a punch and has sold out in stores everywhere. While I love the rock stud pumps, I could not resist these flats.

Rockstud Flats

Love my new marsala rockstud flats. Pantone would be proud.

My rockstud tote is one of my all-time favorites.  Need I say more?

Rockstud Tote

If you’re going to go rockstud, go bold in pink!

The Valentino brand has greatly expanded to include home furnishings as well as Valentino RED, a sister line. Valentino RED makes some of the most fabulous coats.  As a coat fiend, I absolutely love the quality, uniqueness, Valentino RED has to offer.

RED Valentino

Rocking a little RED Valentino at Elaine Turner in the Rice Village.

While Valentino may have retired from the craziness of the fashion industry, his personal touch continues to inspire the fashion world.

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