Diane von Furstenberg, the Princess of Fashion

So many privileged people in this world make the mistake of taking what they receive without ever thinking big and reaching for more.  Diane von Furstenberg is not one of those people.  She has experienced it all and has come out on top.  Today I celebrate the work of a living legend.

Diane’s fashion empire did not come without great struggle, and her resilience is can be credited to her family history.  Diane’s mother survived the horrendous and infamous concentration camp in Auschwitz, and her strength and resilience no doubt passed on to her daughter.  In her autobiography, “The Woman I wanted to Be”, Diane speaks at length about how critical her mother’s influence was on both her personal life and her career.

Diane knows what it’s like to not only be fashion royalty but real-life royalty.  After marrying into the German royal family, DVF became a princess….literally.  While she and her husband divorced in the 1970’s, DVF has elected to maintain her married name.  While she cannot refer to herself as princess, there is no question that she is truly a fashion princess.  Perhaps most women in her position would lay back, sell her story, and live a relatively unchallenging and easy life.  Diane dug deep into the fashion trenches and transformed the wrap dress into a staple piece in every woman’s wardrobe.  The wrap dress is not the only legacy Diane will leave.  From children’s fashion to fragrance to even a Google Glass design, Diane has conquered it all.

Why do I love DVF dresses?  As any women over 5’7 knows quite well, it is virtually impossible to find dresses that are not insanely short. I can wear DVF dresses to the office and transition right into a nighttime look without appearing unprofessional.  I also love the fact that each print is vibrant, unique, and elegant.  As a young attorney, I refuse to wear drab work clothing, so Miss Diane, I salute you!

At 68 years old, DVF still wears any of her designs better than anyone else. Love it!

At 68 years old, DVF still wears any of her designs better than anyone else. Love it!

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