Celebrating the Life of Vince Camuto

As some of you may know, the beloved designer Vince Camuto passed away this week at 78 years young following his battle with cancer.  While he is well known today for his self-titled designs, you may not realize just how strong his influence was and still is on the fashion world.

Ever purchased a shoe from Nine West? Love your Tory Burch Reva flat?  Well you have Vince to thank in part for your great finds.  He actually co-founded Nine West in the 1970s, which was later sold in the 1999s.  Vince also served as the CEO of the Camuto Group which purchased licenses to famous fashion lines such as BCBG, Jessica Simpson, and Tory Burch.

The Vince Camuto line is relatively young, but has become widely popular, especially in the US and Europe.  If you don’t have a Vince Camuto staple piece in your wardrobe, I highly recommend you take a trip to Macy’s or Nordstrom.  I especially love his dresses and leather jackets.  Anytime a designer respects a woman’s height, I’m sold.  Don’t trust me?  Here’s the evidence!

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