Miss Universe 2015: Fashion Hits and Misses

Is it just me or has Miss Universe and other pageants become a breeding ground for scandal?  After a picture of Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel appeared on Instagram, the political heads were on fire. I found the outrage over this photo to be incredibly ridiculous. I personally loved seeing this picture, and was saddened that Miss Lebanon apologized for the photo. Women in the Miss Universe pageant are supposed to highlight the beauty and culture of their respective countries and cultures, and as someone of Lebanese origin, I loved seeing the photo of two beautiful women. Venting over and done.

The pageant will be shown tonight, January 25th live from Miami, and I expect that this year will attract a lot of viewers. Why? Well in addition to the silly Miss Lebanon/Miss Israel scandal, everyone is talking about the preliminary round where the ladies proudly displayed their national dress. This year’s outfits were incredibly over the top, and I loved it! Here are my favorite and least favorite looks. Thoughts?

Top 5

  1. Miss USA
  2. Miss Lebanon
  3. Miss Guam
  4. Miss India
  5. Miss France

Bottom 5

  1. Miss Switzerland
  2. Miss Ireland
  3. Miss Canada
  4. Miss Australia
  5. Miss Germany

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