Seahawks, Patriots, or Neither?

While kickoff is moments away, this year’s Super Bowl has already been surrounded by scandal in the form of “Inflate Gate”. Did the Patriots engage in a little foul play? Who knows? Honestly, at this point who cares?!? As an Aggie, I’m not too happy with the Seahawks either. Why? Well, for starters, they stole the infamous 12th Man from Texas A&M.  I don’t care what anyone says. The 12th man belongs to Aggieland. Period! Granted imitation is the best form of flattery.

While Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event of the year, Super Bowl Sunday has become more than just a game of “American football”. If it weren’t for this year’s Inflate Gate, I’m pretty sure I would have seen more pre-game coverage on what to expect at Katie Perry’s half time show than discussion surrounding which team has a better shot at the coveted Super Bowl ring. Following the game, talk pretty quickly turns to polls surrounding which commercial was the best. For those of you who aren’t really into the game (myself included), there is always the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

If I were to judge by the availability of team merchandise for women, I must say, Patriots have a clear win. I’m really curious as to who really buys the underwear. A bit much, right?



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