1920s: An Epic Era

This past Thursday, the Junior League of Houston kicked off its annual Charity Ball weekend, and festivities paid homage to the League’s inception in 1920. Ninety years of service to the Houston community is definitely something to celebrate, and I had an absolutely blast participating in the 1920s themed festivities.

With work and other top priorities in full swing, I sadly must admit I did not take full advantage of dressing in theme. A girl’s gotta work to pay for shoes, right?!? However, at the end of the day, you cannot go wrong with a beaded cocktail dress, so, yes, I pulled a Kate Middleton and pulled something out of my archives.

Of course marveling at some of the beautiful pictures from the 1920s, I could not complete this post without paying tribute to the beautiful fashion that was on full display in the epic era.

When you think of fashion in the roaring twenties, your mind will likely first envision the infamous flapper dress. Much like the style today, the ornate and elegant flapper dress was typically balanced with sleek hair. Hair was traditionally worn at shorter lengths, and loose, folded waves were a bit hit. I’m starting to think maybe the 1920s was not the decade for me (perhaps it’s because like Kerri Russell, I may be more of a Jane Austen fan). My long Tina Turner hair just wouldn’t work;).

I absolutely love flapper dresses because they give the impression that a woman is dancing when she walks.

What I am not fond of in the 1920s in the preferred body type. You have probably heard recent praise for the first ever “plus size” model in Sports Illustrated annual swimwear edition. If you have seen this girl, you will understand why I have placed plus size in quotations. While it seems absurd that a size 12 woman is plus size, it is indicative of the trend that is veering away from the anorexic body types. Well, unfortunately in the 1920s, the coveted body type was flat chested and straight. If you’ve taken a look at any of my pictures recently, you will understand why I am suddenly relieved to not have been a young female at that time. Bigger busted women were viewed as unsophisticated, so the Kim Kardashians and Cocos of the world would not be so popular either. Not that I want to lump myself in the same category. Yikes…

The coveted look of the 1920s was called the “garçonne”, which for my fellow French speakers literally means the boy (with a female suffix). Fashion is often influenced by the history of the time, and during this decade, women were looking for more independence and were channeling their inner strength. The look also meant transitioning away from corsets, which is definitely a good thing.

If you have a 1920s themed event, I know you will have a blast. The music of the decade was lively and spirited, and women were bolder than ever before. If, like me, you don’t have time to go in theme, just don’t forget to bring your saucy attitude with you!

Here are some highlights from wonderful event planned by some amazing volunteers.

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