NY Fashion Week Feature: Kanye West for Addidas

Oh Yeezus…please make it stop. Love Mira.

Little Nori and I had the same reaction to the collection.

Little Nori and I had the same reaction to the collection.

By now, many of you have likely seen the horrendous outfit Ms. Kim Kardashian West sported to the Addidas show. I really wonder what Anna Wintour was really thinking, other than “please send Nori away.”   At first, I thought the “I just forgot to put a top and bottom over my hose” look was a special outfit for Kim alone, I was most unfortunately wrong.

I do not even want to know the price point of Mr. Yeezus’ line. What I do know is you could not pay me a million dollars to wear it (perhaps maybe a million and five). We all have had the infamous dream where we appear before a crown sans pants. Well, in this case that nightmare was transformed into an actual collection. These looks are sloppy and flat-out inappropriate. People thought the semi-transparent Lululemon workout leggings were bad. This is just nasty! Rant complete.

I have yet to find anyone who would actually rock these looks. Would you?

18 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week Feature: Kanye West for Addidas

  1. ailinanush says:

    Oh my goodness! Thanks for writing this! There were so many people defending this collection too, I was wondering if the whole world had gone mad. People need to be reminder that awful designs are still awful, even when attached to a self-proclaimed fashion icon.

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  2. thebanksbrandblog says:

    These are underwear worn as outer clothing. Kanye and Kim are all about “shock & awe” ridiculousness self promotion that’s why they are perfect for each other and an embarrassment to everyone else. Nobody is going to wear these styles and they both know it. All they care about is how these ugly fashions will be talked about in every media outlet getting them exactly what they want. Self promotion.

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    • admirablylegal says:

      Can I get an amen?!? I cannot blame Anna Wintour, Addidas, etc. for seeking out the Kartrashian/West clan, as business is business. It takes people like you and me to turn away from the garbage. The problem is they have far too many supporters who are willing to buy this junk.

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  3. Style Domination says:

    God. This line of his is just horrible. I hope it’s really just an “art installation”, and that he doesn’t think that anyone would actually wear these “clothes”. There is art (Dior haute couture) and then there is…crap (Kanye for Adidas).

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