NY Fashion Week Feature: Victoria Beckham

So many people love to hate Victoria Beckham (aka the lady who never smiles). I could not disagree more. When I was a fashion PR intern at Selfridges back in 2006, I had the privilege of meeting Ms. Beckham who was more than lovely. She is incredibly down to earth, and believe it or not, she actually smiles a lot when interacting with people on a daily basis.

She seemingly has everything in order, from adorable kids (Nori has much to learn from Harper) to an adorable husband (minus the voice). In my view, her fashion is just as on point. Victoria Beckham is one of my favorite style icons because she has transitioned from the over-the-top Posh Spice to an elegant mother. Her creations are simple with small bursts of flare, and everything is tailored just perfectly. Unlike so many collections featured on the runway, skin really isn’t in at a Victoria Beckham show.

While I have adored some of her recent collections, I’m not sure how I feel about her latest works. Although they do carry her signature understated elegance, I would have liked to see a bit more flair this season. Her Fall 2015 looks are covered in earth tones, and one detail I do particularly enjoy is the use of buttons as a staple piece. Overall, I would give Ms. Beckham a “B”.

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