NY Fashion Week Feature: Marchesa

Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig have struck gold with their latest collection. Inspired by the audacious femme fatale from the 1920s, each piece takes you back to the roaring twenties, but with a modern twist. Perhaps they were inspired by the Junior League of Houston’s 90th anniversary celebration?!? Who am I kidding; these designs must have taken forever to hand craft!

During this infamous era, wealth in the United States rose drastically, and with such rise came a whole new level of decadence. That decadence was reflected in Marchesa’s collection. The runway was filled with beads, fringe, and sass, and I loved it. Fitting with the times, the models sported sleek, loose waves, and the dark rouge added an extra pop to each look. The twenties was the decade that gave birth to some of the world’s most famous designers who created a whole new level of opulence to evening wear.

Unlike past seasons, Marchesa incorporated pants and beautiful beaded floor-length tops into their black tie looks. Given that women preferred to have long and straight boyish figures during the 1920s, infusing femininity into a menswear style look was just perfect.

Marchesa has always captivated my attention, as each gown is so intricately crafted.   Yesterday’s reveal was surely no different. The color scheme was covered with black, white, red, and mauve, which are the perfect power colors to sport this fall.

Overall, I would give Marchesa an A+.

If only I could afford a Marchesa design! Which look is your favorite?!?

If only I could afford a Marchesa design! Which look is your favorite?!?

10 thoughts on “NY Fashion Week Feature: Marchesa

  1. L.Beeken says:

    All of these designs are equally stunning; choosing a favourite would be difficult! The glamour of the twenties is amazing in terms of design, hair and beauty. Like you, I’m now thinking: if only I could afford one of these dresses!

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