London Fashion Week Feature: Burberry Prorsum RTW Fall 2015

With London Fashion Week kicking off during Academy Awards weekend, not enough heads have turned to London Town.  Well, now is the time, and there are some interesting trends to discuss.

This time last year, everyone was talking about the monogrammed Burberry ponchos sported by Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few.  The runway was a combination of vibrant colors and elegant simplicity.  Boy did Burberry decide to take a turn this season….

If you ever read posts from other bloggers (including my own posts), you will likely read things like “if you go bold on top, keep it simple on bottom”.  The whole idea behind this piece of advice is the focus on moderation (life lesson perhaps?).  Burberry decided to do the absolute reverse, and while I don’t see myself rocking some of these extremes, it is most definitely an interesting sight to behold.  Ever thought of mixing camouflage, leopard print, and florals together? If you are me the answer is HELL NO!  Burberry decided to make a stew of fall trends, turn back in time to the 1970s, and go all out.

Here are a few of the key trends:

(1)     Fringe

Virtually every look that appeared on the runway had a bit of fringe mixed in.  I personally love sporting a little fringe regardless of the season, so I was happy to see it plastered on everything from shoes, skirts, and capes.  If you are going to work, try just one piece such as a fringe bag or shoes.  If you are out for the night or ready to have a little fun over the weekend, here are some of my favorite fringe looks.

(2)     Suede

Suede is always great for the fall months.  I love the use of earth tones such as burgundy, green, and tan, as they make the fabric pop.  A simple suede jacket or skirt is great for any occasion or event, but if you are going to splurge on Burberry, might I suggest this trench?


While it does have a little fringe on the cuff, this is a jacket you could get away wearing both at work in the evening with a great pair of stilettos.  Or perhaps this awesome olive-green cape?  Like Victoria Beckham’s looks for the season, the use of buttons with the menswear cut is fantastic.


If you are looking to be a diva, the burgundy calf-length fringe cape is for you.  It has a little bit of the Little Red Riding Hood vibe seen in Kate Spade’s show, and I’m obsessed.  The problem for us ordinary folk is finding a time when we would actually wear it.


(3) Mixed Print

I am not the biggest fan of mixing too many prints.  If you have more than maybe 10% body fat (definitely me), you have to be really careful. I love leopard, but I probably wouldn’t pair it with camouflage or 70’s floral prints.  I do like the pairing of over the knee camouflage boots with a solid cape or coat.


The camouflage is not as over the top as Valentino’s looks from last year, so it could work if paired appropriately. I do love that they mixed textures, and some of the prints are reminiscent of the style in the Middle East and North Africa.

Overall, I give Burberry an A- on these looks.  I think there were some great pieces, but I would not pair them in the same way.  To each her own, right?

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