Newsflash: Lupita’s Custom Calvin Klein Pearl Dress is Reported Stolen! 5 Easy Tips to Protect Your Treasures.

Just a few days ago, Lupita Nyong’o had heads turning to get a glimpse of the incredibly detailed white, custom Calvin Klein gown. The dress is said to be valued at roughly $150,000!!  Why the sky-high price?  Well, the dress has over 6,000 pearls (yes, pearls!) sewn in the dress.  Factor that in with the fact that this took hundreds of hours to make, and you have a valuable treasure.

Many were shocked to find out today that the dress appears to have been STOLEN from the London Hotel.  Fortunately Lindsay Lohan has been accounted for, so we can at least rule out one person. While I am all for recycling dresses, I think it is pretty safe to say that this is not a dress that can be worn again, so I would not be surprised if it was taken apart.  Tragedy!

Regardless of who you are or how much money you shell out on a hotel room, never assume your property is safe!!  When big events like the Academy Awards happen, celebrities are subjected to an elevated crime risk.  Anyone remember the string of jewel robberies at the Ritz Carlton during the Cannes Film Festival?

Even us mere mortals should be careful, as hotel room thefts are on the rise, and the perpetrators are not always the hotel staff.  Today I thought it would be useful to highlight a few tips when it comes to keeping your valuables safe while travelling.

  1. Use the Safe!

Hotel rooms generally have a built-in safe.  Believe it or not, most people don’t even bother to look for it let alone use it.  While they are often rather small, they can be useful for any tiny treasures like jewelry.

  1. Ask your hotel whether it is possible to store your valuables in the hotel’s safe.

Have something that cannot fit in your safe? Don’t be afraid to speak with your concierge about storage options.  Some hotels will actually store your valuables in their safe.  Be prepared to complete a barrage of forms and assume a certain level of risk, but this is a smart option for those of you carrying a $150,000 dress. 😉

  1. Lock your suitcase anytime you leave the room, and do not showcase any valuable goods.

It is always good practice to lock your suitcase when you leave.  While a thief can always snag your luggage altogether, typically they will take what is in plain sight and avoid heavy items.  I have visited friends’ hotel rooms where they have jewelry and other coveted items laying on the bed or the nightstand. Avoid alerting people to the fact that you are carrying these items on you to begin with.

  1. Be mindful of who is around every time you enter and exit your room.

Just like when you leave and return to your home, be mindful of who is around.  Most hotels do not require identification to enter, so you never know who may be roaming around.

  1. Do not entrust your key with anyone.

While you may be thinking “duh”, anyone means your friends too!  Outside of your family members, you should never give your hotel key to anyone.  You increase the chance of it accidentally falling into the wrong hands.

Here’s to hoping they find the dress ASAP!  I was hoping it would end up at the Victoria & Albert Museum!

Enough talking about the Fashion Police scandal…it is time to call the real police!

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