Fragrance Frenzy: Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

Many of you have asked me to branch out and review various beauty products. As I LOVE my friends and followers, I am happy to oblige and launch this scope of my blog by reviewing Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb.

I first discovered this fragrance a couple of years ago while going crazy at Bloomingdales, and I have not looked back.  I give Flowerbomb an A, and here’s why.

1. Bold, Recognizable Scent

When the wonderful salesperson at the counter wanted to spray me with her “best seller”, I was highly skeptical.  I usually do not like scents that are overly flowery in nature, so the name Flowerbomb was a bit off-putting.  Fortunately (or unfortunately perhaps) she sprayed me anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised.  While the name hints a floral explosion, there is a hint of spice that makes this fragrance truly unique.

As you may be aware, fragrances can smell differently on each individual. This has always fascinated me to no end.  Your body’s natural oils have a lot to do with it, and certain smells are often better suited for certain skin tones.  I have found this perfume to smell great on pretty much everyone.

2. Long-Lasting Aroma

The price of perfume has skyrocketed over the past 5 years.  The average price of a bottle hovers around $80-$120.  When you’re shelling out your hard-earned cash, you want your purchases to last.  There is nothing worse than a perfume that fades by the time you arrive at work in the morning.  I can smell Flowerbomb literally all day, and I love it!

3. Elegant Presentation

While the look of the bottle is the least most important factor when selecting your signature fragrance, it is important to note.  Bottles that are too ornate often result in higher prices.  The packaging is elegant and has a simplistic modern flair.

This past weekend, Nordstrom in Houston’s Galleria Mall had a fabulous beauty event that kicked off at 7AM!  I was fortunate to have snagged me a bottle in a fabulous gift set that I just had to share.

V&R Flowerbomb

This lovely lady even painted my name on the bottle.  How fabulous is that!!

The Artist

Oh and yes, this gift set actually lights up when you open it.  Have I sold you yet?!?;)

Gift Set (Nordstrom)

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