Topshop Now Open in Texas!

With one of the strongest economies in the country, let alone the WORLD, it only makes sense that Topshop begin its take over of Houston, Texas. About a week ago, while attending Neiman Marcus’ It Girls of Houston event, my friends and I were chased down by the fabulous Adriana (aka “CeCe’) with Topshop. She invited us to last night’s store preview party, and of course, it was fabulous.

Topshop actually started in the 1960s and has been transformed into an empire by Sir Phillip Green. Topshop and Topman started in the UK, but the stores have gradually taken over the world. I was first exposed to the brand as a young, bright-eyed girl travelling around the UK, and the brand has drastically evolved. One of the reasons I love fashion in London is that everyone is fearless, and no one even thinks twice about it. Topshop embraces the British individuality, which I love and appreciate.

I must caution my fellow shoppers that Topshop sizes do run on the smaller side. If you are looking for fun and bold pieces, stop by Topshop at the Galleria and visit Adriana. She is beyond amazing, and styling is actually free in the store!!

Speaking of styling, I had the privilege of briefly meeting Soulmaz Vosough, Topshop’s head of styling (and personal stylist to Demi Lavato). Dressed in a black leather jacket draped over a fabulous all black ensemble, she definitely owns her style (and is super sweet and gorgeous too)!


For my lovely followers in the UK, been there…done that I know. This isn’t Topshop’s first rodeo, as we would say in Texas. I’m so glad to see the brand finally branch out in the US.

And don’t forget to ask for Adriana if you stop by the store in Houston!

Topshop Preview Party

8 thoughts on “Topshop Now Open in Texas!

  1. jasminehoneyadams says:

    How exciting! You’re right we do have Topshop over here because it was founded in London before the Arcadia takeover but it’s still nice to share the love, because they’re just fab, and it will be great to see more Topshop stores around the world. I hope it’s very successful in TX. xx

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    • admirablylegal says:

      Topshop has definitely gone through major changes before it’s attempt at a global takeover. II think the variety in the UK stores is much better. I’m curious to see how it will do, but in Houston, pretty much any store will work.


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