Wooed by Jason Wu

I had the privilege of spending a bit of time with the fabulous Jason Wu at Neiman Marcus in the Houston Galleria Mall.  I have been fortunate to have met several incredibly talented designers, and I must say that Jason Wu is by far one of the sweetest and most down to earth designers. He took the time to look each fabulous lady in the eye and personally introduce himself. You definitely don’t see that often.  Of course, I couldn’t help but smile when his eyes went straight to my bag (one of his of course!).

Having just revealed my purse obsession to the lovely Jason Wu, he introduced his fashion followers to his new collection, which was inspired by the lovely Diane Krueger.

Jason's New Bag Reveal

I love the bold cut and small detail that is woven in to his clothing, and this season is no different.  There are so many wonderful pieces that can be taken from a day in the office to an evening soirée with friends, and I love his use of olive-green and other bold colors. If you have a fabulous back you love showing off, you are in for a treat.  There are some incredible dresses that will make you look like one of his Hollywood muses. I personally love this fur vest!

As someone whose family came to the United States in pursuit of the “American Dream”, I absolutely love Jason Wu’s personal story. Born in Taiwan, Wu moved to Canada with his family when he was just nine years old.  Since then, he has lived everywhere from Massachusetts to Tokyo and even France. I am always interested to hear how designers took their first steps in the fashion world.  For Wu, it was actually designing clothing for dolls!  Talk about designing for petite women!

Wu’s first masterpieces debuted in 2006, and it did not take long for his designs to be noticed by the likes of Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon, Ivanka Trump, and Kerry Washington, just to name a few.  What is so amazing to me is how much he achieved at such a young age.  Believe it or not, Wu is only 32 years old and has taken home countless awards and is well-respected in the fashion world.

I love that Wu kept his personal appearance low-key and intimidate. There were some fabulous fashionable ladies in attendance including my lovely friends.

Jason Wu Appearance at Neiman Marcus, Houston Galleria IMG_3346

What added to the fun was of course meeting new fashionistas.  This lovely lady is an AMAZINGLY GIFTED fashion sketcher.  Looking for someone to sketch your portrait?!?  Get in touch with the lovely Rongrong DeVoe.  Don’t believe me?  Here’s the evidence.

How amazing are her sketches?!?!?  And of course I love her portrait of Jason Wu, who was super excited to be presented with the incredible artwork.  Click here to see more of her magnificent masterpieces.

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