Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Delightful Deborah

Happy Friday everyone!  I’m so excited to feature this week’s global fashion inspiration, Ms. Deborah W.

Looking for stunning style ideas?  Check out Melt Like Wax, Deb’s fantastic blog.  Audrey Hepburn once said “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.”  Ms. Deb has elegance in abundance.  I simply adore her style because she takes the feminine, delicate look and kicks it up a notch.   There are so many beautiful photos to scroll through, and even though we have never met in person, I can see her personality jumping out of her photographs.

Deb hails from metropolitan Newcastle, and no my amazing British friends, not THAT Newcastle…. Australia!  Like many of us, Deb is a professional who has chosen to blog in her spare time.  You would not guess this, given the quality of the photos she takes.  She pays particular attention to design and aesthetics, and this is reflected in the little details of her blog. As an attorney, I always love when people embrace the little things.  🙂

So where does Deb go for inspiration?  She loves frequenting Asia Models Blog and Advanced Style, two fabulous sites.  I often find that it is my fellow bloggers aka ordinary people who provide the most inspiration, as opposed to the ladies gracing the covers of fashion magazines.  This is one of the reasons I decided to launch this initiative.

How fun is it to learn about fellow bloggers across the globe?  I’m personally excited to get to know each of you, and I hope I can help connect you with other fabulous ladies…and gents.

Looking to be featured in the Global Fashion Inspiration initiative?  It’s not too late! I have received countless questions regarding the closing date for submissions.  I will accept all submissions through the end of May and will notify you by email when your feature is up on Admirably Legal.

Please send the following information along with a picture capturing your style to

  • Name
  • Link to your blog
  • Country of origin
  • A sentence or two describing what inspires you.

Have a fabulous weekend!  For those of you living in many parts of the US, stay dry!!

XoXo Mira XoXo

10 thoughts on “Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Delightful Deborah

  1. meltlikewax says:

    Aw, thank you for the blog post! You write so well and you were very kind to me haha!

    I hope one day my blog will be popular as yours and I’ll be able to do the same as you, sharing inspiration!

    Keep up with the beautiful blogs, Mira!

    x Deb

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