May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Monday, and may the fourth be with you all!

For those of you who are even remotely familiar with Admirably Legal, you are well aware of my nerdiness. I deem May 4 the nerd Christmas, so of course the first post following my return from holiday had to be about this special day. Feel free to chuckle….seriously, feel free.

If you are currently living under a tree, please allow me to explain the significance of this unique “holiday”.  One of the most famous lines in cinematic history comes from the Star Wars franchise, which of course is “may the force be with you.” Get it?  Simple enough.

For many of my fellow nerds, today is all about being silly, which is why this faux holiday makes me smile.  After Disney acquired the rights to Star Wars, Disney parks began featuring fun-filled activities to mark the day.  Do you really need an additional excuse to head to Disney World?  In Houston, there are restaurants with special menus and even outdoor screenings, trivia nights, and other ridiculousness  occurring throughout the day.  Looking for fun ways to celebrate? Phone a nerd friend in a city near you.

If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate the force into your life, I have some fun and affordable ideas for you.  I stress affordable because there are some “special” people out there who are willing to spend loads on memorabilia.  I for one am not one of these people…not that I judge those of you who are.  🙂

Having a rough day? Watch this:

Seriously, even if you don’t know anything about Star Wars, YOU WILL LAUGH!

13 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You

      • sonamnaiducreative says:

        Haha definitely not; I have many in mine and they sure keep me entertained! Ugghhh tell me about it.. I have been bummed for quite some time and decided to take a break and breather from the fabulous fashionable life haha; slowly getting back into momentum now! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Xo.

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  1. schoolrunbeauty says:

    We had a great day yesterday at a star wars themed BBQ, everyone dressed up for the occasion. If you fancy having a peek at our costumes they are in latest blog post
    I do love an excuse to dress up and be geeky x

    Liked by 1 person

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