Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Amazing Aneska

Happy Hump Day everyone!  As I have finally mentally returned from London (well not completely), it is time to get back in action and continue on with my global fashion features.

I am delighted to introduce you to the amazing Aneska Alino who hails from the good old United States.  Aneska calls California home, and she takes her inspiration from the culture and diversity that surrounds her.  While the views of the Bay Area are absolutely stunning in contrast with the flat plains of Houston, Texas where I reside, one thing these two places have in common is a rich and diverse population.  With the diversity of her home comes varied types of dress, food, and shapes and sizes of her local population.  Whether it’s the vibrant colors of a local dish or the rich fabrics worn by a particular group of people, there’s no doubt that the potential for inspiration is endless.  As a Californian, it comes to no surprise that Aneska embraces the outdoors, enjoys running on bike trails, and going on hikes.  I love that Aneska embraces bright pops of color anytime from her daily wardrobe to her workout attire.  Personally, I find that feeling good in what you wear when you’re exercising makes the world of a difference, and color can really impact your mood.

Please click here to peruse Aneska’s awesome blog centered around lifestyle, and more importantly, coffee.  As a coffee fanatic, her love for coffee caught my eye and made me smile.  I should caution you that her pictures will make you hungry…very hungry!!

For those of you who see me on a daily basis, you know I tend to lean toward black or navy and pop it with a bit of color.  I love this gorgeous photo of Aneska, and I especially love that pop of pink!

I cannot thank everyone enough for participating in the Global Fashion Inspiration Project.  It is still not too late to participate! Please visit here for more details on how to submit your information.  I am loving the blogger to blogger support!!

xoxo Mira xoxo

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