St. Paul’s Cathedral (aka My Favorite View of London)

While many of you may be suffering from a little case of the Mondays, today is a great day!  Other than it being my birthday, today marks the beginning of my posts covering my lovely trip to London.  It’s amazing how much the city has continued to grow and evolve since I lived there, and after many of my favorite bloggers asked when I would share some of my favorite moments, the time has finally come.

While I did everything from attending the Sherlocked convention, doing yoga at the Shard, and having a little high tea inspired by my favorite fashion designers, I had to start my London reminiscing by recommending my favorite view of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Jew, atheist, or ambivalent, I urge you to make a stop at St. Paul’s Cathedral.  I was completely in awe from my very first visit when I was just fourteen years old, and since then, I always make a point to climb to the rooftop.  Whenever people ask me where to go, this is one of my top recommendations.  While many people go to the London Eye (aka giant ferris wheel), the 360 degree view at the top of St. Paul’s is one-of-a-kind.  There’s a certain calmness and serenity you feel when you’re there, and after climbing up 528 steps to the top, you feel a little less guilty indulging in scones.

I have always appreciated the symbolism embedded in places of worship.  Interesting fact of the day: it is 365 feet to the top of the cross at the tip top of the dome representing the amount of days in the year.  From nearly 365 ft. up, you can appreciate views like these.

In addition to the stunning view, you can marvel over the incredible details inside the cathedral.  I love appreciate places that are rich in history.  St. Paul’s had to endure great destruction during World War II.  Prime Minister Churchill was quick to urge the people that St. Paul’s had to be saved.  As a result, volunteer guards protected the cathedral 24-7 which is just incredible.  Although the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana took place before I was born (1981), we all have memories of Princess Diana walking down the aisle of St. Paul’s in what seemed like an endless train.

Just looking back at pictures from my most recent visit brings a smile to my face.  Side note, it’s amazing how technology changes and grows with the time.  I used a Kodak disposable camera during my first trip, and most recently, I used the camera on my iPhone…and a selfie stick!  Yes, a selfie stick.

More to come soon!


29 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Cathedral (aka My Favorite View of London)

  1. scprice says:

    i saw a selfie stick used inside a theatre yesterday! ah will wonders never cease. glad you are having a great time and happppppy birthday..i loved London, looking forward to Italy this fall, yum

    Liked by 1 person

    • admirablylegal says:

      That is just wrong!!! I’m so paranoid if and when I actually use it. People are so clumsy, and I’ve seen innocent souls get hit in the head!

      Thank you so much for the well wishes! I absolutely adore Italy. You will have a blast for sure.


  2. HayleyTaylor says:

    Happy birthday! My office is right beside St Paul’s cathedral! You should go to One New Change, the shopping mall beside St Paul’s tube. Top floor there’s a cocktail bar called Madison’s which has the best views of London 😊 Enjoy your trip X

    Liked by 1 person

    • admirablylegal says:

      Thank you so much! You’re so sweet! I figured the only thing that could take me away from having a birthday on a busy Monday was stopping to reminisce about London. 😉 When you have the chance to go, I know you will absolutely love it! Good shopping, good people….I digress.

      Can’t wait to hear more about your time soaking up the sun!

      Liked by 1 person

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