Kew Royal Botanic Gardens

Happy Thursday everyone!!!  Thank you all for sending such lovely messages regarding my London travel posts.  There’s a whole lot more to come, and I really have enjoyed hearing some of your experiences in the places I have visited.

Next stop for me is Kew Gardens.  This is rather ironic as I’m pretty sure today I’m having a pollen attack…but I digress.

Visiting Kew Gardens is a must if you are looking for outdoor entertainment.  Be prepared to spend several hours here, as the views are incredible.  Kew Gardens house the largest collection of living plants and was listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.  From greenhouses to Japanese-inspired landscapes to Kew Palace, there is so much to take in.  Kew Palace is rather small, but it is fascinating to witness how the British government has preserved the grounds, which date back to the 1700s.

I definitely recommend wearing comfortable shoes, as roaming the gardens is definitely a work out.  After hours of walking, we enjoyed a coffee and desserts (surprise, surprise) at a café with lovely views of the gardens.  In the summertime, Kew Gardens hosts outdoor movie screenings, festivals, and countless other activities.  I’m so glad I decided to visit despite being surrounded by what seemed like a sea of mothers with their children.

Take a look at some of the incredible views…

If I lived in London, I would definitely buy the unlimited entry pass.  What a great place to reflect!


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