Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Sizzling Sonam Naidu

Since I started Admirably Legal late last year, one of my most supportive followers has been the incredible Sonam Naidu. I always look forward to her posts, as she is the definition of fabulous and fierce.

Don’t believe me? Well stop what you’re doing and go visit her blog by clicking here. Yes, you are welcome. 🙂 From her hair to her makeup to her vivacious styling, Sonam surely sets her self apart from the rest. I have always embraced my multi cultural background, as it forms the backbone of who I am. Sonam embraces this concept as well, and I love how she exudes confidence in who she is. While I often have found that many bloggers in the beauty and fashion arena tend to write and cover certain areas simply because the masses have chosen to do so, Sonam’s individuality is clearly present both in her fabulous looks as well as the character of her writing.

Hailing from the beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Sonam’s inspiration comes from the art of color.   Her love and passion for life and culture has been motivated by many factors such as culture, Disney, Bollywood, Barbie, animals and nature. Given that Sonam lives in a truly beautiful city, she is lucky to have exposure to great diversity. Plus you can’t go wrong with being exposed to Disney, Bollywood, and Barbie, right?!?

Speaking further about what inspires her each day, Sonam writes,

“Growing up in an Indian family and being such a muse to Bollywood cinema and Disney princesses; I have always been surrounded by the most eccentric and amazing play on colors. I have a glamorous, edgy and hint of sex appeal signature style through the classic trends that best suit me and emerging ones that I choose to adapt into my personal style.”

Her style is definitely unique, and I know you will love her incredible blog just as much as I do.

Here are a few snapshots of her saucy style, which I just LOVE!

For those of you looking to participate in my global fashion inspiration project, it is not too late. Visit here for more on how to submit your inspiration. I will be accepting submissions through the end of the month.

Hope you all are having a fabulous start to the weekend!


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