Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty, A Gut Wrenching Window Into the Mind of a Fashion Legend

Last night, I stopped to reflect on my visit to the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit roughly three weeks ago.  The sky was lit up as if on fire, and the vociferous sound of thunder reminded me of the darkness and intensity I felt while bearing witness to this incredibly display of McQueen’s greatest works.  Houston was bombarded with rain that left thousands of people stranded overnight and the incessant and often daunting sound of the lighting and thunder heard around the city perfectly aligned with McQueen’s Spring 1998 show featuring models drenched with rain water.  There is an element of rain that is romantic yet morose, and McQueen often embraced dueling emotions in his pieces.

If you happen to be in the London area between now and August 2, I highly recommend snagging a ticket to see this exhibit.  Even if you could not care less about fashion, witnessing McQueen’s short life work is a gut wrenching experience that should not be missed.   There are countless rooms intimately decorated with McQueen’s art pieces, and one room that I will never forget is pictured here below.

As photography is completely banned in the exhibit (and I actually appreciate and respect Museum rules), please note that all pictures of the exhibit can be viewed at the Victoria & Albert Museum website.  While the photographs themselves provide a snapshot of the intensity you are swimming in from start to finish, you have to witness this place in person.  From the music playing in the background, to the revolving headpieces, twirling gowns, and the blaring of runway shows, it is truly a sight to behold.  I was so taken back by this particular display that I wound up sitting on a bench simply staring in awe for thirty minutes.

As I witnessed everything from models sporting black leather masks to a three-dimensional image of Kate Moss sporting a McQueen gown, I was reminded of what a shame it is that he passed so soon.  However, seeing all of his work in one space also shed light on the pain and flurry of dark emotions he must have been feeling in the few years prior to his death.  I was not expecting for this exhibit to hit me as much as it did, and for £17.60 a ticket (student pricing also available), you just cannot go wrong.

For those of you living in the London area, if you are not up for the McQueen exhibit, or you are unable to score a ticket, you must go to the V&A regardless.  London has some of the best museums in the world, and they can be viewed without paying a pound.  When I lived in London years ago, I used to walk around the V&A once a week for an hour.  There is something special about this place, and they have a great fashion exhibit.

While I did not intend to spend any money, oops!  I could not help myself when I saw the Reptilia Print De Manta Clutch as well as the Alexander McQueen hardback book exclusive to the V&A.

Let me know what your experience is like if you have gone or intend to go.

For those of you currently experiencing inclement weather, stay safe!!!

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