Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Beautiful Pratishtha Gohain

I was literally typing out Happy Hump Day when I realized nope still just Tuesday.  I don’t know about you ladies and gents, but I am already ready for the weekend.

The good news?  We are just one day closer to Friday, and I have another stunning blogger to feature in this week’s global fashion inspiration initiative. I am delighted to introduce you to a gorgeous blogger who hails from India.  Ms. Pratishtha is daily inspired by new and exciting things, and given where she calls home, I can only imagine the wonderful elements that capture her interest and attention each day.

I have enjoyed hearing about what inspires my fellow bloggers, and I was particularly taken back by Pratishtha’s biggest forms of inspiration.  She writes, “But the strongest ones are dance and risks, the two things I love most; both being whimsical in their own way.”  While many of us are inspired by dance, you don’t often hear about inspiration from risk.  I absolutely love this, and while I have never had the fortune of meeting her, her response speaks volumes about her character.

The second you reach the home page of Pratishtha’s blog, Ecstasy by Pratishtha you are immediately bombarded with color and life.  I am confident you all will be equally captivated by her blog.  Click here to experience it for yourselves.

I love seeing how different cultures incorporate the use of color and texture into their dress, and I absolutely love the pictures Prathistha submitted to showcase her style.  I have always had a particular fascination with Indian dress, and in these stunning pictures, Pratishtha is wearing a mekhla-chadar, which she informs us is a variation to a saree.  How fantastic are those colors on her! Not to mention her makeup and styling is flawless.  Love it!


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