Luck of the Ladybug

I woke up with the same thought many of you are having today, “ugh Mondays.” Are the weekends getting shorter? It’s probably just me. Research has proven time and time again that dressing and feeling good can improve performance levels, so why not start your day with a little kick in your step.

Whether it was the good luck they represented, or just the beauty and mystery they excude, I have always been captivated by ladybugs. While red, white, and, black together represent power and strength, I appreciate the irony in the delicate nature of these little creatures.   Needing a little luck on my side, I decided to channel a little ladybug love.

Dress: Eliza J Scarf: Kate Spade Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo Bag: Lulu Guiness Bag Charms: Sophie Hulme

Dress: Eliza J
Scarf: Kate Spade
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo
Bag: Lulu Guiness
Bag Charms: Sophie Hulme

Looking for a little luck yourselves, ladies?   Kate Spade has created everything from cute clutches to saussy scarves like the one I’m pictured wearing. The best part? They are all on SALE!! Click here for all things ladybug. If you decide to go for any of these items, let me know which ones you chose!

Want to start your week with a few fun facts from your resident nerd blogger? The ladybug (or as my friends in the UK would say, “ladybird”) actually plays an important role in aggriculture as they feed on pests that destroy our crops. As my fellow French speakers know, the word for ladybug in French coccinelle comes from the latin coccineus meaning scarlet. Fun facts over and out. 🙂

Wishing you the best of luck for the rest of the week!

15 thoughts on “Luck of the Ladybug

  1. Jade & Dunni says:

    You liked my previous blog post, and I decided to check out your blog! I had no expectations, but I’m happy to find out that you’re such a witty blogger. I love your little slogan: Laying down the law…in fashion and style. How clever! Thanks for liking my post, and I’m so happy you did. Because I never would have found your blog if you didn’t. Stop by my blog soon. I definitely know I’ll be here often.

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  2. fashionablykate says:

    Hey love! I see you just got nominated for another- congrats! But I think your blog is just fabulous and I’d like to nominate you for the Fashionista Award! Theres more information at “”. Happy Tuesday!


    Liked by 1 person

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