Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Amazing Angelina Kehayova

I hope everyone is off to a great start of the week, and for my fellow Americans, I trust you are all well rested after the long holiday.

It is time to kick off the week by featuring another incredible global fashion inspiration blogger. I am happy to introduce you to the lovely Angelina from the United Kingdom.

Like all of my global fashion inspiration features, Angelina’s blog is truly unique. I could not help but sport a wide grin when I saw the name of her blog, Not Another Tall Blog. Although I am 5’7 ¾ (yes the ¾ counts), I have always felt like a giant next to my friends. While I may be taller than the “average” woman, a positive aspect to my height is that I can reach those high hanging items in the store. So take that normal height ladies! I kid…

I highly recommend that you browse through Angelina’s blog by clicking here. There is so much to discover from fashion to music and beyond. I particularly enjoyed her post on women dating shorter men. A good friend of mine just cut someone off for this very reason. Granted she is 5’4, so he must have been rather “petit”.

Angelina describes herself as “a tall blogger who is inspired by fashion, heavy rock music, progressive metal and good books.” Simple and to the point.  I like it. I too am constantly inspired by global fashion as well as books. As to rock music? My first concert was Smashing Pumpkins featuring Garbage. Did I mention I had to leave a Girl Scouts meeting early? True story.

My global fashion inspiration project was initiated in part to bring bloggers closer together. Angelina does a great job of this herself. I love that she has collaborated and developed relationships with other bloggers in her area and beyond. She has done an amazing job connecting with her readers on issues such as blogging, fashion advice, and even discussions on self-confidence. Keep up the good work Angelina!

I hope you ladies and gents are inspired by this lovely lady, and like Angelina, I look forward to connecting with you fabulous people. 🙂

I’m slowly working on building my social media presence (work in progress), but I would love for you to stay in touch!



Twitter: @MiraHaykal

Talk to you soon!


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