Global Fashion Inspiration: Meet the Lovely Karen

Happy Thursday friends! So many of you lovelies have asked about the Global Fashion Inspiration project. I’m still working on compiling all of the amazing participants, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, I’m happy to feature Karen who hails from the always gorgeous Southern California. Given the 100+ temperatures here in Texas (not factoring in humidity levels), I must say I am currently very jealous.

Karen has a fun and fabulous blog that I highly urge you to check out by clicking hereSustainable Daisy is a truly unique experience, as Karen is all about turning already existing elements into something beautiful. Consumers are becoming more and more curious and cautious about where their clothes, accessories, and other goods come from in an attempt to help the environment and protect workers across the globe. Karen is definitely committed to being a cautious consumer.

As a Californian, it comes to no suprise that Karen is inspired by nature and the outdoors. Describing her inspiration, she writes,

“I love to incorporate the sea blues I see in the ocean, the palms that lines along highways, and the crazy colors and patterns I see bouncing off buildings and billboards. It’s a beautiful place I live in, filled with color, warmth, and expression, and I am lucky to be inspired from this sunny national, and international melting pot!”

Karen’s positivity and appreciation of her surroundings is incredibly inspiring, and I’m so grateful for her participation in the project!

Don’t forget to visit to connect with Karen!  I would love to hear from you as well!




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