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They say that a good old letter is a dying art.  As a result, schools are phasing out cursive lessons in favor of computer classes.  This makes me sad, as I will always prefer a handwritten letter to a silly email. Gripe complete.

I was super excited to discover the Typewriter Rodeo team at a recent event at the Contemporary Museum of Art in Houston, Texas.  This is not your typical rodeo, and no animals are harmed in the process.  Perhaps just some exhausted fingers after countless hours of typing on another rarity, the typewriter.

Countless companies are people created across the globe in a trend to find new and innovative ways to enhance a party or event. I have highlighted some of these trends recently from s’mores bars to the infamous photo booth.  Leave it to the museum district to showcase a truly unique way to have fun.  Instead of walking away with a silly photo (I always look awkward in photo booth pictures), in just a matter of minutes, you can treasure a poem tailored just for you.  When one of the “rodeo artists” as I shall call her asked what I do for fun, I blurted out “blogging”!  Three minutes later, I walked away with the fabulous poem pictured above.

The opening lines absolutely ring true.  An amazing woman is a fierce thing to behold, so a big cheers goes out to my fellow, fierce bloggers.

Want to learn more about Typewriter Rodeo?  Click here!

Happy Hump Day! 

xoxo Mira




12 thoughts on ““A Fabulous Fashion Blog”

  1. Rachel Nicole says:

    Love this letter! I love to write letters to my friends when it is their birthday or around the holidays. I love how grateful they are and how they can’t wait to get a letter from me. I find it gives such a personal touch to anything. Love this post!

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