Case of the Monday Blues

Anyone else suffering a little case of the Monday blues?!? I am convinced the weekends are getting shorter and shorter, and it appears that my Monday blues are getting the better of me quite literally.

Monday Blues

Well, I’m here to help permanently change your thoughts on feeling blue.  The color blue is said to reflect stability and intelligence, so instead of yearning for Friday, I’m going to put my best foot forward. It’s always a bit easier to do in Valentino.


Bag, Anya Hindmarch: So many of you have asked about my bag, which I literally tote around everywhere (pun intended).  This comes from one of my favorite British handbag designers, Anya Hindmarch.  I will be showcasing some of my favorite Anya pieces in an upcoming post, and if you’re not already obsessed with her, I assure you that you will soon become obsessed.  Apologies in advance!

Topper, Classiques Entier: This is a more “mature” brand that I have come to love in recent shopping trips to Nordstrom.  If you’re looking for elegant, good quality pieces to add to your work wear, this is the brand for you.  I snagged this cobalt blue topper coat on sale, and I absolutely love it.  So many designers at all price points are coming out with some great toppers that can be worn all year which is always a win.

Shoes, Valentino: I’m always amazed at how many compliments I get from men as opposed to women when I sport my favorite rockstud heels.  I personally go for the 2″ heels as you can wear them all day without feeling like you never want to wear shoes again.  NOTE: some of the more fun colors are currently on sale!!!!

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36 thoughts on “Case of the Monday Blues

    • admirablylegal says:

      I advise my guy friends to go for a good pair of sturdy, well-made loafers. There are some great blue options from navy to cobalt that are fantastic, and you still maintain a professional look.


  1. sonamnaiducreative says:

    Uggghhhh those shoes Mira are just way too fabulous! I’m seriously still obsessed with that brilliant shades of blue and in iconic Valentino’s – yes please! AND of course an amazing women like yourself would own an Anya Hindmarch beauty! I LOVE the originality and craftmenship in her pieces. What a fantastic Monday blues post ❤

    PS – If you haven't done so already; check out my most recent giveaway via Instagram on the blog now:


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    • admirablylegal says:

      Thanks love! It’s definitely a tough color to incorporate all the time, but I love a little craziness! Now if only I could find some black ones on sale….or free!;)

      So most of my friends have never heard of Anya, so I’m so happy to hear you are a fan too. I’m OBSESSED! Granted not so much with the price. She is just too much fun. PS. I’m super jealous of the weather you’re having now. If my office wasn’t so cold, I’d have to wear crop tops and shorts haha.


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