Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Product Review

Many of my fellow bloggers who are just starting out have asked about ways to obtain beauty products or fashion pieces. Quite frankly, I’m no expert on this subject (in fact I would welcome tips myself), but a good way to get your feet wet with product testing is to become a part of the Influenster group. There are opportunities to test products for free or at discounted rates that perhaps you would not ordinarily try.

When I was given a $2 off coupon to try the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs product, I was pretty skeptical. I have tried loads of lotions and other products that are designed to give a “natural glow”. I found myself either looking like an oompa lompa or seeing no difference at all. I would give Airbrush Legs a B- score.  Looking to try it for yourself?  Just print this coupon (click here), and you should be good to go. 🙂

Visit  to download and print your $2 off coupon.

While summer has come and is on its way out, I sadly must report that I have spent zero days on the beach or in the sun for an extended period of time. Yes, folks that number is ZERO. The results? I’m an odd mix of colors right now and am officially glowless. Although I was hesitant to try Airbrush Legs, I figured that given my current state, anything could help.

For starters, this product does not work like the Jergens lotion that you gradually apply over a period of time. It is leg makeup, so it takes some time to apply evenly and smoothly. If you’re looking to use this before an event, I would advise applying the night before just in case. Airbrush Legs comes in several shades that you can select based on your current skin tone, and it definitely will give you some color. The downside is that I found that some color actually came off on my clothing. I’ve heard that others did not have the same issue, but this was definitely a strike. The product when applied diligently does look good, so I would use for certain occasions as opposed to an everyday product.

If you’re looking for some color without working a sweat outside, this product may be able to give you that boost. At the end of the day, however, nothing beats sitting outside soaking up some Vitamin D. I am clearly deficient….

If you’re looking to try this product for yourself, download the coupon included here, and let me know your thoughts.

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6 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Product Review

    • admirablylegal says:

      YIKES! I have a feeling I know where your story is going, and that is terrible! That happened to me a couple of years ago, and the color never came out of my dress. I think all products including this one pose a stain risk, even the lotions to a certain extent. If you have one of your fabulous shoots, I think it makes sense, but I don’t see this as an ordinary use product. Maybe that’s how will make our millions…invent the perfect product!;)


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