Designer Spotlight: Anya Hindmarch

Back in April/May of this year, I completed my annual pilgrimage to London where of course I promised myself I would not shop. I clearly lied to myself, and by the time I left, I only became further obsessed with one of my favorite handbag/accessory designers of all time, Anya Hindmarch.

For many of my friends here in the US, you may not be as familiar with Anya…until now that is. Browse for a good 5 seconds through her online shop, and you will see why I love her work so much. Anya’s pieces are the highest of quality and are fun, quirky, and unique. If you are looking for a showstopper piece, Anya is your girl.

Anya Hindmarch is an incredibly accomplished designer who hails from England. Anya opened her very first shop when she was just a teenager and has not looked back since. From launching over 40 stores worldwide to receiving an MBE for her impact on the fashion industry, she has received praise and accolades left and right.

While countless celebrities may be almost as obsessed with her collection as I am, one aspect of her work I appreciate is her refusal to conform. When I was scouring the streets of London looking for my first Anya piece, the Maxi All Over Stickers Featherweight Ebury, I found that this incredibly unique piece was sold out. Literally everywhere. Harvey Nichols had one waiting for me, and they sent it out to be customized with one of my favorite quotes.


When I began the customization process, I was given several rules as to where I could go nuts. I was told that I had only one place to go crazy because Anya was very particular about each piece. I loved the fact that she takes so much pride in each bag from the design and beyond. Anya also makes a certain number of each piece and does not give in to consumer demand. I found this rather interesting, and I appreciated the fact that she doesn’t want her work to be over kill.

Each season, Anya infuses a fun theme. In 2014, she was highly praised for her use of breakfast brands from the Kellogg’s rooster to Tony the Tiger. This season, it all boils down to the construction. Yes, the pun is intended, as everything from construction cones to “give way” signs are plastered on her pieces.


In 2009, Anya launched the Bespoke collection, which has fantastic pieces from customizable diaries to wallets that can be crafted according to dimensions specified by the buyer. She is definitely on fire both in the UK and beyond, and I cannot wait to see what Anya comes up with next.

This is my first Ebury Tote, which I am absolutely obsessed with. I love that you can purchase a whole selection of leather stickers that can make a solid black bag pop. In my case, I went full on stickers.

Some of my other favorites are inspired by Star Wars and Kellogg’s cereal, and of course, you can imagine my joy to see the eye plastered everywhere?

One thing I definitely want to note is Anya’s work is pricy, so you may be saving for a bit. I actually snagged several pieces on sale, so be vigilant. 🙂

Have a favorite Anya piece? Please share! If you are on Instagram, I recommend following her @anyahindmarch. I love that she turns her bags into fun animations.

Happy Friday, Friends!!!

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18 thoughts on “Designer Spotlight: Anya Hindmarch

  1. sonamnaiducreative says:

    Definitely one of my favorite handbag designers and mind you I am not a handbag sort of gal but beside Hermes birkin bag, the only other designer handbag that would tickle my fancy would be an Anya Hindmarch one. From all her quirky and down right fabulous designs, the baby that you are holding in your hand is my personal favorite. Wonderful spotlight Mira and you look incredible rocking your Anya ‘Featherweight Ebury’ with extra stickers ❤


    Liked by 1 person

    • admirablylegal says:

      You’re not a handbag person?!?!?!? I wish I wasn’t “bag lady” because it is a pricey, odd obsession. Perhaps its the fact that they don’t change size that I enjoy changing it up so much?!?!;) I just love the quirkiness of Anya’s work. In the US, other than shopping on her website, there are very few places to snag one of her bags. I love the fact that they don’t feel like part of a uniform. The Featherweight Ebury now comes in silver, and I’m even more obsessed with it. I just her bags weren’t so freaking expensive!!


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