Emmys Fashion Recap, Hits and Misses

Happy Monday everyone! After travelling the past week on business, I was ready to get back into the swing of things enjoying some fabulous fashion at the Emmys. I don’t know about you, but I was greatly disappointed! My take on the dresses featured on last night’s red carpet was that designers clearly were so busy they did not have time to finish the dresses.

From metallics to jewel tones to classical LBDs, long black dress that is, there were some bold and beautiful looks. However, I don’t know about you, but I am over these see through dresses.

Some of my favorite dresses from last night proved that you don’t have to bear it all to look stunning.

  1. Lady Gaga: I was in shock when I saw Gaga’s simple and classic elegance. I have never seen her look so good!
  2. Sarah Highland: Burgundy is one of my favorite colors, and I’m so excited to see the color plastered all over fall looks. The off the shoulder and simple lines gave an understated yet fierce look.

I love a little bling, so I’m definitely excited to see a splash of metallics. Here were some of my favorite metallic looks.

  1. Kerry Washington: This Marc Jacobs dress had to be one of my favorites from last night, period.
  2. Claire Danes: Claire looked incredible in this simple yet sassy Prada look. I loved the cut and color, but I must say this dress would likely look terrible on anyone with curves.
  3. Lena Hedley: This Zuhair Murad dress is just fantastic. Lena looked like absolute royalty last night. The only thing I would change would be to slick back her hair.
  4. Sophia Vergara: Sophia looked incredible as always; however, I would love to see her go for something new. She pretty much wears the same dress in a different color every time she walks a red carpet.
  5. Sarah Paulson: While this dress is not something I would likely go for, I thought the dress fit her just perfectly.
  6. Christina Hendricks: Naeem Khan is one of my favorite designers, and this intense look was incredible. I love the confidence she displays in everything she wears.

As I’m on a mission to be less critical, I wont be too critical. Instead of harping on some of my least favorite looks, here is a collage of some of the not so fabulous looks.

Fashion Misses

Given that it was over 100 degrees last night, I’m going to be lenient this time around.  Hope you all have a great week!  Can’t wait to share fun moments from my trip, so stay tuned!

50 thoughts on “Emmys Fashion Recap, Hits and Misses

  1. sonamnaiducreative says:

    Completely on board with you on this one Mira! I too was greatly disappointed with a handful of looks on the red carpet last night and boy oh boy did I have high expectations. From all the best dressed queens; no doubt Kerry Washington stole my heart and I think the beauty of her look is that she opted for a cocktail style and still managed to shine in her spotlight. Oh the metallic goals I tell ya! I also LOVED Lady Gaga and was in complete disbelief to not see her coming through in some meat dress or Kermit the frog ensemble HAHA; she looked lovely. Sarah Highland wine beaut complemented with cascading shoulders looked breath-taking on her and I feel you cant put Sophia Vergara in a potato sack and she will still look divine.

    Happy Monday Mira; wishing you a fantastic week ahead!

    Xo. http://www.sonamnaiducreative.com

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    • admirablylegal says:

      For some reason I had a feeling that there would be fabulosity, but that definitely did not pan out. There were a few stunners that stood out, but for the most part, it appears stylists went on vacation. Kerry Washington has such stunning facial features, it almost doesn’t matter what she wears. She definitely loves taking risks…even when pregnant. Respect! Maybe its the Arab in me, but I love metallic looks on and off the red carpet. I love Marc Jacobs because he loves to think outside the box, so I was all about this dress. Granted, I’m sure she was dying given the temperature. I had the biggest smile when I saw Lady Gaga. Maybe her gorgeous fiance had something to do with this more understated look. I’m over her “look at me” antics. Sophia Vergara and her fiance are just beautiful. I totally agree with you there! I love admiring red carpet creations, so here’s to hoping the next red carpet has more to offer.

      Hope you have an amazing week, lovely!!:)

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  2. nanciec13 says:

    As I looked at the various best dressed lists, i have to say that I was mainly underwhelmed. a lot of bedroom looks (including fuzzy slippers), too much pink, and dresses that simply did not fit the bodies that wore them! I would concur woith your thoughts.

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  3. kaybe610 says:

    I do love your top two !!! I didn’t even recognise Lady Gaga ! She looks so elegant and sophisticated… big plus ! And I love the color and cut of Sarah Highland’s dress… pure perfection ! And her manicure is spot on.
    I didn’t like Heidi Klum… the colour is great on her that ‘s about all I can say about it. And soyrr but not a fan of Christina Hendricks’ dress. It ‘s fantastic that she wants to emphasise her curves, but this is too much for me.
    Lena Headey… well talk about class… but I agree with you that her hair should’ve been different with this kind of dress.
    Love, Kathleen

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    • admirablylegal says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I almost didn’t recognize Gaga too. I’ve gotten so used to her outrageous looks. I hope she embraces more elegance styles in the future. I completely agree about the color of Heidi’s dress. It’s a stunning color on her skin, but it was just terrible. I was surprised to see her go for that kind of look. I think it must be tough for Christina Hendricks because designers tend to make dresses for size 00 women, but I love the confidence she exudes. Would I have worn that dress? Probably not. 😉 Lena looked like she came straight out of a fairy tale. Just stunning. There were so many terrible dresses that the few stunning ones truly stood out.


  4. Victoria says:

    I myself did not keep up with the fashion on the red carpet, so I’m glad you summed it up for me in this post. I agree with you that Lady Gaga has never looked better! I guess she’s over her outlandish fashion phase (didn’t she wear a meat dress at some point?). Sarah Highland looks absolutely polished.


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    • admirablylegal says:

      You are absolutely right, Victoria. She did go for a meat dress, and that was on the “tamer” side! I love a simple and elegant look on anyone. That’s definitely always the best way to go.


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