Dancing with Dolphins

Good morning/afternoon/night, friends!  I hope you’re enjoying this first full week of Fall.  Here in Texas, I’m not feeling much of a difference in temperature (given we experience a season/ season and a half at most), but I’m ready to welcome one of my favorite months of the year.  While many kick off the season travelling to places that require a jacket, or at least a jumper, I kicked off the end of summer by going to the beach, Cayman Islands that is, for board meetings.
The results? After just one week, I have come back brown and burnt…but it’s all good.  One of the absolute highlights of my trip was my time playing with dolphins.  Since I was a little (albeit big) girl, I always dreamed of swimming with dolphins.  I still remember my dismay as a third grader when I found out that swimming with dolphins was cancelled due to inclement weather.  I decided to make up for it in a big way, and if you are ever visiting Cayman, DO IT!!  While this is not necessarily a fashion post, and apologies for looking horrendous in my pictures, I wanted to share a fun de-stresser and encourage you all to find a way to de-stress this week.  I decided to go for the top package, which allowed me to play and even do a lift with two dolphins.  It is amazing how intuitive and intelligent dolphins are, and getting kissed by a dolphin has a way of relaxing you…even when work is tough. My favorite dolphin, Luna, was labelled the old, crazy dolphin, so naturally I preferred her to Luca.  Wonder why…
The amazing part was the fact that I virtually had the experience to myself, and the trainer was so knowledgeable and was all about having a laugh. For my fellow bloggers, rest assured that they will have a photographer dedicated to capturing your moment….even if you’re travelling alone like I was.
If you’re headed to the area, click here for more info!
With your entrance fee, you even get access to the turtle farm.  It is amazing to see hundreds of enormous turtles.  If you’re brave like I am, you can even swim (and yes kiss) your very own turtle.
Hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday, and I hope you take a moment to de-stress!  Have any tips?!? I’d love to hear them!!

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29 thoughts on “Dancing with Dolphins

  1. Juliany Diaz De Villegas says:

    How cute is this post! I would love to one day swim with dolphins and interact with them but it’s often really pricey so I got to save some money lol…Its great that you posted something else other than fashion to spice it up a bit ..People like to know what is going on inside a fashion blogger’s life…Xoxo, Julie

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