Cadillac, Road to Table: A little Driving, Dancing, and Dining

Anyone looking for a new car?!?  For years I have been determined to get a new car, but of course I’m waiting to win the lottery…or perhaps find a benefactor?  I kid..sort of.

When I was invited to attend Cadillac’s Road to Table event in Houston, I was rather intrigued.  So what was on the agenda?

The Agenda

First up on the agenda was a little test drive of the revamped Cadillac ATS.  While Cadillacs have historically been viewed as a “parents” car, that image is quickly changing.  Some of my best friends have embraced Cadillac, and I was quite amazed by the vibrating seats.  Yes, vibrating seats.  Car getting a little too close?  Well, the sensors on the new ATS can sense it and vibrate on the appropriate side. I don’t know about you, but I am fascinated by that feature.

If you have ever test driven a car, you’ve likely done a small lap close by the appropriate dealership.  In my case, I drove my ATS for the evening to the next stop on the agenda, Pax Americana.


Pax was recently praised by GQ Magazine (credible source me thinks) and for good reason. The food and atmosphere were fantastic! What made the night even more fantastic was the Cadillac selfie sticks at each place setting.  I’m not going to lie, I am incredibly easy to entertain. 🙂


With our new selfie sticks in hand, we were chauffeured in the new Escalades to a fabulous after party where it was time to let loose.

Who said fashion and cars don’t mix?!?


Dress: 3.1 Phillip Lim; Handbag: Les Petits Joueurs

Thanks Cadillac!! 


Let’s get connected friends!




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