Chopard Comes to Texas!

While most people think of Dallas as the Texas city of luxury, I beg to differ.  When Chopard finally decided to open its doors in Texas, where did they go?  HOUSTON. Yes, Houston!  For those of you not from Texas or even the US, you may not be familiar with the fun rivalry between cities.

Houston may be viewed as the city of oil, but now we can officially call it the city of diamonds.  My dear and talented friend Rongrong Devoe was asked by Chopard to celebrate the Houston debut by sketching guests in their best light, dripping in diamonds that is.

I first became exposed to Chopard when I was living in Geneva.  Walking along the lake, I spotted my first Chopard watch with its iconic floating diamonds.  To celebrate the first store in Texas, Chopard crafted 25 special edition Texas timepiences.

I love the subtle Texas star, and of course, the infusion of spirit of the Texas flag.

After I had this fabulous watch on my wrist, my eyes went straight to the most incredible necklace.  Now I can officially say model Bar Rafaeli and I have something in common…paraiba and diamonds.


Bar wore this amazing necklace at the Cannes Film Festival, while I was wearing for no reason at all. ♥  A big hug goes to the lovely Monica at Chopard who helped me play dress up. She was incredible!

I was surprised at how light each piece was.  So I’m officially taking donations. 🙂  I must say wearing a few million dollars does make you sit up straighter, especially when you have amazing creations like this nearly million dollar ring.

Yet, the star of the night was the lovely Rongrong who memorialized my dress up time in this fabulous sketch!


Rongrong is such a gem (pun intended), and if you are interested in having a sketch or purchasing one of her fabulous pieces, click here!

Hope you all have a fabulous start to the month….can you believe December is here?!?


Let’s get connected friends!







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