Leaping into Rodeo Season

Every four years, we are graced with an extra day in the month of February.  I have decided to celebrate this occasion by sharing fashion tips that, for most of you, would be a rare occasion…the rodeo. Yes, you heard me correctly.  As a Houstonian, I always look forward to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show season. From concerts to fried Oreos to Ferris wheels, all of my favorite things can be found under one roof….one very giant roof that is.
When I moved to Texas as a little girl, the rodeo was exactly what I imagined Texas to be like…cowboy boots, braids, and bandannas.  Believe it or not, the rodeo did not originate in Texas or even the United States for that matter.  The sport of cattle herding was prominent in Mexico and Spain, and it even spread up north to Canada. While the rodeo may be an international event, Houston does it best in my humble opinion, and I spent the past weekend celebrating the kickoff with my wonderful friends.  So what does one wear to the rodeo?  It all starts with cowboy boots.  I have worn my favorite cowboy boots in several countries, and they always manage to be a fun conversation starter.  In Texas, you will find cowboy boots paired with anything from shorts to dresses to jeans.  You just cannot go wrong. My go-to rodeo look is a tunic, leggings (surprise, surprise), and cowboy boots. It’s simple, easy, and comfortable.

If you are shopping around for cowboy boots, I highly recommend Lucchese and Tony Lamas. If you have a bolder style, there are some incredibly intricate prints and patters to choose from. However, for those of you who fall on the more demure side, there are loads of simple styles to select. You can also visit any major retail outlets for discounted pairs. Baby steps…

 Another rodeo fashion staple of course is the jean look.  As I don’t own a single pair of pants, let alone jeans, I opted for a jeans tunic by Seven Jeans.  When it comes to rodeo style, you can actually get away with top to bottom denim. I struggle with the look personally, but it can be super cute for women (men, not so much).

Rodeo attire can range from understated to “yee ha cowboy”, and the choice is entirely yours.  If you’re not sold on the denim look, or perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a pair of cowboy boots, just work in a little fringe.  On numerous occasions, I have featured the fringe look as a fun trend to sport worldwide.  Whenever you find yourself heading on down south, fringe will always do you good.


While sporting a fun pair of cowboy boots is a highlight for me, the most important thing to remember is come with an empty stomach.  If you remember nothing else from this post, remember to come hungry! 🙂
For those of you not headed to a rodeo in the near future, not to worry, I’ll post updated fashion tips in another four years.

Let’s get connected friends!




24 thoughts on “Leaping into Rodeo Season

  1. kimboxin says:

    Yes to Lucchese boots! They are so worth the investment. I attended this rodeo every year while growing up, and even got to take a ‘sick day’ from school, after eating too much funnel cake. Glad you had so much fun. Thanks for the dose of nostalgia!

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