Sights, Smells, and Sounds of Dubai

If there’s one skill I cannot manage to conquer, it’s cooking.  To be honest, I really don’t even bother trying.  Apparently someone upstairs thinks it is time for me to learn because I spent hours learning to cook.  Fortunately, I had the privilege of working with and meeting some famous chefs across the globe at the lovely Taste of Dubai Festival.

From learning to cook gnocchi from beats to chocolate pancakes, I realized that this whole cooking thing may not be so bad.  I probably still won’t cook though…

I absolutely loved meeting Chefs Reza Mahammed, Jenny Morris, Nathan Outlaw, and Paolo Pettenuzo who reminded me to laugh when things go bad in the kitchen.  Believe me when I say they did.

Given Dubai’s hot climate, it was so nice to be able to visit at a time when exploring the outdoors was actually feasible.  I’m used to going from car to car, so this time around, I made a point to visit as many parks as I could.  Dubai definitely has some massive parks and incredible outdoor markets. Ripe Market is one of the most popular parks to visit on a Saturday.

You can even pick up all your finds in one swoop at the very end which is great.  From fresh fruit to fabulous art, there is so much to see and do.  Plus, all of the vendors are so kind.  For the lonesome traveler, exploring the city’s markets is a great way to hear interesting stories.

Now, you are probably thinking where is all the fashion?  The fashion in Dubai is incredibly diverse, and it makes for some incredible people watching.  You have all kinds of extremes, from wearing too little, to wearing more traditional robes.  It’s quite the blend.


While most of my trips to the UAE end in a pile of shopping bags, this time around, I’m proud to report that the only bag I walked away with after hours in Dubai Mall is a pair of 2″ Louboutins.  While I have a general rule against buying things in foreign countries that I can easily obtain at home, this was the exception.  I have yet to find my size in Texas, and more importantly, I got them CHEAPER!  While I didn’t have the shopping rush, I had a fantastic experience because I focused on touching the fabrics, tasting the local flavors, and smelling the spices and fragrances that engulfed me (some better than others).

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