Thoughtful Thursday

I know “Throwback Thursday” is officially a thing, but today’s post is all about throwing a little positive energy into the mix.  I know I’m in need of some positivity, so I thought I would share some surprisingly thoughtful advice I received while attending an expo here in Houston.

Every year, Houston hosts a giant women’s expo, and to be frank, I typically am not an attendee.  I often find both the ridiculous crowds and the vanilla advice a bit daunting.  Having been weighed down by the stresses of my job, I decided to attend with the hope that even one positive conversation would lift my spirits.  I was surprised by what I heard.

The expo typically brings a few well-known authors, journalists, and other public figures into the mix.  This year, Leeza Gibbons, Lisa Vanderpump, and Mario Lopez were some of the highlights of the weekend.


First in the lecture series was Lisa Vanderpump.  Lisa is a huge presence in the reality television arena where she has her own show Vanderpump Rules as well as  appears on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  She and her husband also own a series of nightclubs and restaurants, and Lisa is huge champion of various causes, most notably animal rights. If you have ever seen her on TV, you know that she has a strong personality and says whatever she likes.   She briefly spoke about how tough women are labelled as being obnoxious, but men are often labelled strong.  While I admit I am not a big reality TV fan, I admire her efforts to rescue animals all over the globe and her taste for entrepreneurship. When someone asked Lisa her number one piece of advice, she said,

Be passionate but realize whatever you do, nobody does a better you than you.  So bring your individuality to the table, be proud of yourself….don’t look back. 

This is well said and simple, yet often difficult to practice.  Since I graduated from law school in 2012, I have had a tendency to look back and figure out what I could have done differently.  While it is healthy to learn from makes, there is a difference between learning and growing and never being fully satisfied with being yourself.  Lisa brought her family with her, and they were all incredibly kind and gracious.  In fact, of all guests, she was surprisingly the most forthcoming with her fans and attendees. She and I bonded over our love for British designers (my massive handbag is by Anya Hindmarsh).


For those of you who may not know Leeza, she has hosted Entertainment Tonight, won Celebrity Apprentice, and has launched her own beauty line.  She also raises awareness for stem cell research and Alzheimer’s.  While a lot of speakers enjoy talking about themselves, Leeza’s talk was centered around positivity and how how to turn bad times around….exactly what I was looking for.  One of the highlights of her talk was bringing to bear the need for women to stop judging and putting down other women.  I find this to be incredibly prevalent in my own life, both on a professional and personal level, and I agree that it is a huge problem in our society.  On the matter, Leeza says,

When someone else wins, when someone else achieves, know that that makes the energy pathways more open for you. We have to remember to cheer each other on, and what we know about being a fierce optimist …is that they perform at a higher level.

Following Leeza’s lecture, I briefly spoke with her on this very topic.  She talked about how we are all guilty of not being happy for others, even in the smallest of ways.  Have you been guilty of sighing when you see a happy post on Facebook by someone who is always so nasty?  You think to yourself, “why her(him)?”  It sounds silly, but I know I am definitely guilty.

While today Mario Lopez is well known as the host of Extra, I will always love him as AC Slater from Save the Bell.  Mario spent most of his time sharing fun memories from the show because, let’s face it, that’s what everyone wants to hear.  I love how many of the cast members still spend time together when they can.  Mario was promoting his book which centered around family.  As some of you may know, he was accused by his first wife of cheating on her right at the start of the marriage.  This made me a bit skeptical, but I was impressed by his candid nature admitting that he had a lot of growing to do from his AC days.  While he looks like the arrogant football star that is AC Slater (seriously, he hasn’t aged), he has matured a lot.  While his talk did not hit home for me on the same level as Lisa and Leeza, I must say it was rather nice to meet (and hug) him. 🙂

While this strays a bit from my typical posts, I have received a lot of emails asking for more real conversation invoking posts.  I could not agree more.  While I love talking about style and fashion, I am looking forward to sharing with and getting to know my fellow readers/bloggers.

Just in case you were curious:

Dress: Target!

Handbag: Anya Hindmarch

Cardigan: M by Missioni

Hope you all have a thoughtful Thursday!!






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