Talk to the Hamsa (خمسة‎‎)

Take one look at my logo, and you can easily see that I’m all about the hamsa, also known by some as the Hand of Fatima.

Many people have asked me what the hamsa really means.  Some have seen the hamsa plastered on yoga apparel and products.  Others have seen ceramic hamsas hanging from the wall. The hamsa is shown as a right, open hand and is viewed by many as a protection against the evil eye.  This is similar to the Western expression (and act) of knocking on wood.  Literally translated, hamsa in Arabic means five, or the five fingers of the hand.

While the hamsa is most prominent in the Middle East and North Africa, it has made its way to the West and can be found on the runway; a pleasant surprise, I must say.

Today’s look is all about the hamsa, and believe it or not, my dress is actually from BCBG!


Click here to shop the look!  The dress is actually on sale for $59.40 from $138!!  Even my shoes are on sale at Zara.  The platforms picture are sold out online, but the flat version is still available here! My purse is from Fendi’s Dotcom collection.  I love mixing prints, and combining the flower appliqués with the hamsa adds a little pop.

I hope you all have a fabulous Monday!








20 thoughts on “Talk to the Hamsa (خمسة‎‎)

  1. Pinotandpeeptoes says:

    Love this, I’ve never known what hamsa meant so it’s great of you to explain. After hearing about it all it is such a great & cool concept 🙂
    great post<3

    Liked by 1 person

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