Product Review: Marc Jacobs Glow Stick


Marc Jacobs has been one of my favorite designers since I first became obsessed with fashion.  I still remember walking into the White House on the first day of my internship sporting my Marc by Marc Jacobs briefcase.  Marc knows how to put a little “umph” in his designs, which I love.

When he expanded into the beauty sphere, I was really curious to see what products he would develop, especially given his personal style.  I was thrilled when Influenster selected me to sample the new Marc Jacobs Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator for FREE!

Whether you are going out for a little night time fun, or you’re headed out to Starbucks for your morning coffee fix, the Glow Stick can give you that refreshed, relaxed look.  I am not a big fan of body glitter and other illuminating lotions.  They tend to be a little tacky, sticky, and/or heavy.  I also prefer more subtle products for every day use as a matter of principle.  Adding a subtle glow can be great in masking the fatigue you’re feeling at work just like a shot of espresso.

The Glow Stick is super easy to apply.  If you have ever worn deodorant (which I hope we all have 🙂 ), you know how to apply the Glow Stick with ease.  It is also small enough to hide in your makeup bag, which is great for touch ups.


Overall, I give this product an A-.  The Glow Stick can be purchased at major retailers like Sephora for $42.  The price point is the only reason for the minus score, as I do find it to be rather high.  However, I really do love it because it gives you the perfect amount of shine and can be applied in a matter of seconds.


When it comes to application, you can apply the Glow Stick directly to your face  or body and blend with either your finger or a brush.  I have actually been using it in place of bronzer lately, but I have also applied it on my shoulders, especially with off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. As you can see in my before and after pics, you can hardly tell I have the product on.  If you want to add more shine, you can always add a bit more product.  I applied the Glow Stick before attending an outdoor wedding, and I used it more as a subtle highlighter that massed my melting from the summer heat.

If you have tried the Glow Stick, I would love to know your thoughts!






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