Sizzling Summer Soiree with Jay Godfrey

Every year, Dress for Success Houston’s Women of Wardrobe team throw a bash to celebrate the summer.  As an organization that helps suit women for job interviews thereby imparting them with the confidence to succeed, it is fitting that their summer soiree showcases trailblazers in the design world.

Jay Godfrey was the featured designer this year, and I must say, I was rather surprised to learn more about how his career evolved.  Born in Toronto, Godfrey grew up with a strong interest in the business world majoring in Finance in college.  After receiving a lucrative offer to move to New York, he was immersed in the stock market of all places.  Godfrey soon realized that this was not the place for him, and he invested his own funds to start his fashion line from home.  While people often divide more creative personalities and functions from the professional world, I am happy to see a designer that walks the line between two worlds.  As a lawyer with a keen interest in style and the business behind the fashion industry, I can certainly relate. A key moment in Godfrey’s fashion career was when his wife (then fiancée) sported one of his creations to an event which captivated the interest of Intermix’s CEO.  Pretty cool, right?!?

Unlike many trendy New York designers, I find his pieces to be rather practical and geared towards reality.  Some of the trends these days just don’t fit in with my reality, that’s for sure.  Here are some of my favorite pieces which you can purchase straight from his website.

As you can see, everything is simple but versatile.  The end result is that you can continue to wear these pieces for years to come by easily dressing your look up or down depending on the occasion.   Accessories are our friends!

I always love designers who champion great causes and organizations like Dress for Success, and Jay was very personable.  After bonding over evil eyes (what else?!?), he certainly won me over.

For my followers in Lebanon, you can purchase his pieces at Aishti.    🙂

Having come to the event directly from the office, my look was not so fun and fabulous, I must admit.  I actually purchased my Balenciaga suit and handbag from for 70% off! I broke the strictly business look with a little evil eye footwear….I seriously have a problem, I know.

Anyone else excited it’s Friday?!?





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